What’s Up With Slimming Coffees?

What’s Up With Slimming Coffees?

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About two weeks ago, a friend of mine gave me a box of “coffee.” She said that she’d been drinking the stuff for a week and it helped her lose weight. Naturally, I couldn’t say no to that!

I did try the coffee and I think that if I had continued to drink it on a regular basis, I would have shed some pounds. However, I can’t get rid of the habit of going straight to the espresso machine the moment I get out of bed. As a result, I keep forgetting to drink the slimming coffee.

What’s this coffee all about anyway? It seems that I have been hearing a lot about it but I am not really sure what it is. After all, everything is in Chinese! All I can say is that it doesn’t really taste like coffee – at least not the coffee that I drink. Even if you put only half a cup of water, the resulting mixture is a very pale brown and the flavor is very very strange.

I did notice that I lost my appetite when I drank the coffee – maybe that’s how it makes you lose weight. I also felt that I needed to drink lots of water all throughout the day because I had this dry feeling in my mouth. You know how you feel after walking under the blazing sun for hours? It’s similar to that but not exactly the same.

Now I really am curious as to what’s in these slimming coffees. Anyone know?

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